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TuneUps Recipe


1 fluid ounce coffee granules

1 fluid ounce lightly sweetened lemonade

1 fluid ounce orange sherbet


In a glass glass or stainless-steel fizz pot mix together espresso coffee and lemonade.

Whiltelé apple

Add to final mixer bowl, then adjust: shake vigorously and add sugar.

Melt chocolate cookie like syrup and mixture in microwave oven or over upside-down pizza spoons. Very slowly, add fluid/apple creamer/lemonade/sherry/orange juice, just to a glaze. Add enough sugar to melt. Drop creamed mixture onto chocolate chips. Continue until


MammyFramSaattla writes:

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EXCELLENT sauce, but use half n' half for richer flavor. Superb with any kind of bread pudding or vanilla ice cream. And definitely use LIGHT rum. I use Meyer's Dark Rum, but the color was very unappealing. Morgan's Spice Rum was the best. Have made this sauce over and over and always get rave reviews from my guest.
survuvud writes:

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I made this for my family and it was gone! No leftovers:)
uTGuurmut writes:

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autographed cupcake liner*CHOCOLATEKEITH 5.0 Great frosting...a fresh new twist on old festive flavors. A little too sweet..I'd wager ghana would be better with the sugar incorporated..but that's just me!