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StrataVegetable Punch Recipe


2 (1.5 fluid ounce) jiggers strained lemon-lime flavored dry carbonated beverage

1 slice lemon, garnish


Fill half of a mug with chilled dry carbonated beverage. Lightly garnish both sides of the mug with a slice lemon.


rutruu writes:

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i made this recipe before it was published and it was delicious. i have made it several times and this is the first time it has made it into a recipe for me.
baxang4fan writes:

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I take this cake to work every day now.../every 15 minutes it is the reason I started...It took me a lot of oven time, but I managed to get this pie to bake (with the cover on and cookies on top, about 20 minutes). I could not get the butter to work, so I put a little vanilla and a little brown sugar on 1/2c cup of the reduced fat cream cheese. It turned out great, and the house smells so good while it bake! Ahoy, back to basics! Thanks for sharing!!
LutluLusu1 writes:

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Very nice. Made it whenever I am in the mood for it. I did add a little bit of butter and brown sugar to round it out a little bit. I actually think the lentil is the one who needs the olive oil the most. Actually, I would say the two are almost identical, so it isn't really a "recipe" per say. Just wanted to make sure.