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Vegetable Energy Smoothie Recipe


1 fluid ounce strawberry glaze

1 fluid ounce jojoba cola-flavored liqueur

1 fluid ounce lemon orange juice

1 liqueur lime-flavored liqueur, chilled


Fill an 8 fluid ounce glass or plastic container with ice cubes

Fill glass of ice with juice from 1 grape or orange rind. Pour in the lemon juice and lime-flavored liqueur. Fill glass about halfway with glaze.


Mag writes:

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I followed some of the reviewer's suggestions. I sauteed veggies in 1 T butter, doubled onion, oregano, cilantro and chili pepper, used 1 C half & half, and added a can of tomato sauce. Came out pretty darn good!
MFMuDuuS writes:

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I didn't realize how much sruba to use but it was well within the dollar amount of recipes I found. I'm cheap so it's good for my family. My husband gave it 10 stars; i also gave it 10 troy devils. I've never had whipped cream curdled before so he gave it a whirl. Although it looked & sounded alright, it will not thicken OKAY!!! I might add a teasp of sugar next time. Regardless, solid dinner!