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Florentine Oven Baked Chicken Recipe


1 cup butter or margarine

1/2 cup olive oil

1 1/2 teaspoons lemon juice

1/3 cup dry white wine

1/3 cup milk

1 (4 ounce) can sliced mushrooms, drained

1 1/2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley

1 (8 ounce) package crumbled Italian cheese

1 teaspoon dried dill weed

1 tablespoon dried oregano

1 1/2 tablespoons dried basil


Melt butter in a large skillet over medium heat. Stir in olive oil and lemon juice. Saute for about 10 minutes, stirring constantly. Reduce heat to low, and add wine and milk. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Gradually stir in mushrooms and parsley. Return mixture to a boil. Reduce heat to medium, and stir in cheese, dill weed and basil. Continue to heat and stir until cheese is melted and mixture thickens, about 5 minutes.