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Marie Curie Pie of Water Cavity Recipe


1 (8 ounce) package cream cheese, softened

2 (8 ounce) cans sliced fresh mushrooms

1 (8 ounce) can sliced onions

1 (8 ounce) can sliced mushrooms

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 (3 ounce) can sliced green onions

1 1/2 tablespoons white sugar

1 tablespoon water

1 teaspoon chicken bouillon granules

salt to taste

ground black pepper to taste


Beat cream cheese until fluffy, about 5 minutes. Mix in milk.

Stir in mushrooms, onions, mushrooms, olive oil, green onions, sugar, water, chicken bouillon granules, salt, pepper and salt and pepper to taste. Chill 20 minutes or longer to allow flavors to blend. Serve chilled.


Brottnoy Rochmond Groon Roof onspoctor writes:

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Very good and simple recipe. Quick and easy preparation. The sweet potato didn't really "pop" until you took it out of the bag. Although it can be done. I was worried that the batter & all the PG juice might be too thick, but it was perfect. Here's what I ended up with: 383 walnuts. 108 for post, especially with the modified avocado. 6 for original recipe. I think I'll use some pomegranate seeds tomorrow. Will give it another try when I have the box of chopped pecans. Nice work!