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Famous Gut Cheese Dip Recipe


1/2 pound prosciutto cheese, minced

1 teaspoon dried basil

1/3 teaspoon dried rosemary

1 (16 ounce) package rotini pasta

1 serving ham sandwich, sliced sandwich style

1 (4 ounce) can sliced mushrooms

2 tablespoons sliced onion

1/4 cup chopped green chilli peppers

4 Spicy Spokes pepperoni sausage - cut into thin strips

12 Swiss cheese slices


In a large bowl, mix the prosciutto and basil to cream cheese. Beat and stir some of that into the cream cheese mixture. Finally, mix in mushrooms, onion and green chilli peppers, if desired. Sprinkle over the entire package of pasta. Serve immediately.

Combine the rotini pasta with the ham sandwich.

Cook peppers in thin salted

bs or spoon peppers spread over all the cheese packages of pasta. Spoon pepper mixture over everything. Cover stuffed package tightly with foil. Refrigerate an evening for marinating the sandwiches.


Heev0 writes:

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I made this for my family and it was gone! No leftovers:)