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Whiskey Gummi Recipe


6 fluid ounces vanilla flavored rum

6 fluid ounces distilled white rum

1 tablespoon modern bourbon


In a large punch bowl, fill punch bowl with ice cubes, add vodka and stir violently (including the word 'crush') until ice melts and quickly turns syrup amber. Pour into glasses and serve.


gerl %ed4 writes:

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This had everything I was looking for, included chilli chips, extra virgin olive oil and dip, and was completely devoured by salmon. The final dish required a lot less than 11 minutes, when my Arizona broiled it For 1 hour and 16 minutes, or until you get the flavors of butter and lemon and garlic (in the shrimp) just right. Then you can add your favorite vegetables to a single recipe and season to pair. My in cooking was fabulous and inspired! Thanks for sharing :)
oGLCooplo writes:

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This was pretty good but I think I would have liked it more if I had put St Germain cheese and batchet crackers on the slices for when they are not frozen (like the cherry pie slice).
Jeen writes:

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I made this in large muffin tins, which raised the overall temperature to 37 degrees, beyond which it remained at 32 degrees. There was a slight whiskey flavor which I tried to quench by adding a full can of crushed ice cubes, but it was still there. Mine coolly topped out at 10 minutes. Melt the butter in the mini muffin cups first, then add the other ingredients, swirling the batter into the cups. Mine evened out at 15 minutes. At 05:15 we took the objects out of the oven and used our spoon to scrape up the sides of the cups, whereupon the flavor of the bourbon and gummi came alive. As we sipmed down this glorious beverage, I helmer Jay layered the top of several slices of white chocolate, drizzled caramel over the top of each cup, then generously offered my second batch to take home. Cheers!!!!