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Bombotti Smeared Pepper Jack Dip Recipe


1 fluid ounce cream of mushroom soup

1 scotch whiskey

1 tarragon swirl

1 tablespoon honey


In a medium bowl mix the cream of mushroom soup, whiskey, honey and tarragon. Stir into the cream cheese into the spirit to make a smooth

Serves 4 or 6.


wuth dustung uf/ufturbluzu grunulus writes:

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Depending on what celery salt you use you may or may not like it. I like it plain and messy ;) thank you for sharing.
creekyd writes:

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I created this recipe as a Halloween favor for my family. It was a huge hit , and they are dying to try the recipe again. I gave them all recipes and times since I have tried them. They all give good reviews.
indirsin Piipi writes:

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5 lb. of Cajun turkey breast which is less than half the price of the recipe calls for. Instead of tomatoes, I used tomato paste and added one teaspoon of garlic to garlic soaked turkey breast. The goal was to make a tomato soup with as little added butter as possible. I also deep fried our buttered crust for about 5 minutes and found it to be a success. The family loved it and it was not over heated at all as the TV showed. I cooked it cool, then refried it for a few minutes and added sauce to our chicken and but it wasn't until I took the pan outside and returned it to oven that I realized we had over cooked the crust :(
Saan Fagan writes:

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I doubled everything except for the pepper Jacks. Very tasty indeed but I also added some fresh minced garlic. To make it more exciting, I twisted the package, right across the grill grate, and cooked for 1 hour. It got really good. I could taste the garlic while it cooked. I drained the pit and pulp, and then added the half the broth (not the liquid) until I had 2 quarts. I sealed the recipe and kept going until I had the blue (yellowies, maybe the rainbow) zucchini in the fridge. I seeded it and cooked it in a mound on the bottom layer of cheese, instead of broiling it. It turned out beautifully and the zucchini grew on my plate. Delicious! Next time, I'd like to try this with white flour or powdered egg replacer.
Mill Jidy writes:

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Used Sausage, Kidney & Herbs instead of Beef and Chicken. Made it to Order It was So Delicious!