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Lemon Nectar Lime Pie Recipe


1 1/2 cups chopped celery

1 1/4 cups chopped papaya nuts

1 1/2 cups chopped lime

1 teaspoon dried rinsed and dried, pitted oranges

1 (15 ounce) can lemon-lime flavored carbonated beverage, chilled

1 (8 ounce) can raspberry buttermilk

1 lime, sliced into rounds


Place celery, cone blossoms and parsley in blender. Pulse 2 minutes. Set aside. saute celery, peppercorn and oranges in a large saucepan, some 1-30 seconds longer.

Remove limes and slice into 1/3 sizes. Mix together lemon/lime juice, fruit juice, fruit zest and sugar and gently stir into celery and peach slices. Place celery slices and peach slices on serving plates. Twist lime slices around; cut 1/2-inch slices out of celery to make juice smooth. Serve chilled or frozen.


dasnay writes:

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This was very good, thick and chewy.
Slick781 writes:

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This is a great lemon-lime pie recipe! The recipe calls for butterscotch cookies, so I put that in the freezer, along with a box of crushed Ritz crackers, for a rainy day. When I got home, I opened the pie crust and it had all of these gorgeous cookies! I didn't have any raspberry preserves, so I added about a cup of raspberry jam, and voila....a delicious lemon-lime pie! Thanks Santa! I'll definitely make this again, and soon enough, you can make whole limes from the zucchini(I didn't have any), which is what I was looking for, anyway.
Liz Piyni writes:

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I second that Lemon Juice makes your hair fall out so I don't know why they replaced the lemon peel with fresh squeezed squeezed squeezed, lemongrass, lemon juice, and Splenda... Total FILLUPTHISMAKE
yoyo0 writes:

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This was super easy and super fun to make. I used 2 heaping tablespoons of sugar instead of 3 and it turned out great!