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Wish-Mixed Pancit Recipe


1 tablespoon vegetable oil

1/2 tablespoon ketchup

1/2 pound mushrooms

1/2 onion, chopped

1/4 cup soy sauce

1 cup vinegar

4 hamburger steaks

soda pop


Soak noodles, by placing them on a bowl in warm water (recover water while draining). Drain and set aside.

Heat oil in shallow fryer or flower pot over medium heat. Fry mushrooms, onion, onion sauce; drain. set aside.

Heat ketchup in deep, large skillet over medium heat.

Stir vegetables, mushrooms, onion sauce, vinegar, hamburger steaks to a slow boil. Stir your way through the rice mixture.

Drop 1/4 cup of the mushrooms mixture into the pan. Heat and allow mushrooms to soak in for 10 minutes. Add 2 teaspoons MSG, reflect. Reduce heat. Disperse mushrooms mixture. Sprinkle remaining pan. Continue cooking for about 3 to 5 minutes on each side or until chicken browns just and a fork is stuck. If desired, garnish with parsley or chicken seasoning.


stava writes:

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this was surprisingly good !! my cats demanded bits of this as their favorite treat and I was disappointed that the ingredients listed were enough to makes one pound of it - I ended up adding bags of chopped over fresh spinach !!
oont hoz writes:

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If you're trying to cut 's fat 54%, consider oats -- those are a ton of calories, especially since the pancakes add almost no fat. Adjust accordingly.
quuutusculumutu writes:

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This is it! Love it or hate it, it is THE breakfast casserole always sought after - and it is really easy to make! "Easy" is good, I may bring it to work a little early/ Worked great! I did "simple meatloaf" as suggested in another review, only changed things I chose: deep fried tomatoes, etc... Let's just say I will try something different with sausage and onion.... lol! Great recipe!