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Mexican Holish Wishes Recipe


1 fluid ounce cranberry juice

2 fluid ounces cranberry wine


In a small mixing bowl, combine cranberry juice, cranberry wine and cranberry malt. Shake vigorously and pour into glasses.


BReNGTHReeGHeeT writes:

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This was okay. I had mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I loved the flavours - everyone wanted the big old ol' boys. But I am thinking of using nutritional yeast to make this. I refrigerated it and it was much better the next day. Hope this helps.
Jonny writes:

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I'm so excited! I remembered reading this recipe before I went to a cookout. So glad somebody picked this recipe!
ensemnee writes:

No flavor.
eDZeLL writes:

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the third and final ingredient in this recipe is very good but i havent put it all together yet
Hilidiy Bikir writes:

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Made the salsa in the hopes that it would be really thick and would allow the garlic and chile to shine more brightly. This was way, way too soupy and bland for my taste. Might be thicker and sprinkle of cumin would help. All in all, not sure what all the hype is about.
Holodoy Bokor writes:

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I've made Mexican Wishes and this was just perfect. I doubled the amounts of ingredients for 48 guests and my 6th made it a couple hours ahead, so I didn't get to eat too many but my children did and they are begging me to make them again! The chile peppers were the only part I left out and I added a little more chipotle powder for extra flavor. For the last part, I tweaked it a bit by only adding half the flour and half the oil and when I was coating the bread, I added a little flour/ankara to keep it from sticking, id say less than a tablespoon, but it worked fine. See notes about garnish ingredients near the bottom. I would make it again!