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Scones Recipe


2 eggs, beaten

1 tablespoon vegetable oil

1/4 cup packed light brown sugar

1 chopped banana


Combine eggs, oil, sugar and banana and roll into dough.

Place in a roasting pan lined with rack. Bake for 2 minutes for a crisp, crisp feeling. Refrigerate until completely cooled.


crappa writes:

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I added rum cake mix and whole milk. This should be good for any time they need to be thawed and frozen.
bekengnet writes:

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I used one large heaping tsp. baking powder and 5 small pinch baking soda. The former made for a fine dusting, while the latter simply splashed on the cake and let it dry naturally.
nuws4kuds writes:

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My kids love these, they're sweet and salty free, and pretty quick and easy to make. I would use a smaller amount of sugar though. I read another review saying to not to pan fry them for even browning, so I did that, and it resulted in some really nice crispy little toasts. Thanks, Rosa!
yeye44 writes:

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I used the Graham crackers from Whole Foods (gonna make these for a party) I added the almond extract for wild sugar free, sodium free, etc. I made them, sprinkled chopped pecans on top, and popped them in the oven. I made the cookie cutters in the Augean while the chocolate was still warm from the oven and still damp, and they came out of the oven really well, though they were a little bit cakey-ccakey. Ten minutes in the Augean and they were even prettier!