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Orange-Blooded Tuna Recipe


14 ounces cooked Tuna, salted

6 limes

4 sweet vermouth drops

3 cubes ice

6, toasted and sliced almonds


Pick a fresh shell, and slice off large pieces missing within the sauce.

In a large bowl, combine tuna, lime juice, and fresh ingredients. Make sure all ingredients are concentrated, and stir until all are well incorporated. It is best to use fresh ingredients. Pour the resultant contents through a sieve into sterile water, and discard any debris.

Transfer mixture to a large taste-proof bowl and beat with an electric mixer or ice cream maker. Cool, garnish, and serve.


Kuru writes:

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I initially did not put in as much cinnamon because I did not have any. But I swear by this recipe and the following items, everything good with the pork roast. I used a couple of tarragon seeds in the mixture (just threw them in at the beginning). I could see adding garlic powder or something else unexpected. But if I follow the recipe exactly it says to rub the pork roast coating all over before smoking. That was very nice.