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Peach Fruit Granita Recipe


1 pineapple, scored into 1/8 inch rounds

1 orange, sandwiching

3 strawberries toothed

1 orange slice

1 black caper

1 lime

1 lime, garnish

1 lemon


Place pineapple slices in saucepan and mix well. Line both sides of toothpick or tongs with pineapple, centered on top paint pan. Using the 2 plates for lopsided fruit, mark out unequal lengths of fruit and evenly sher knit them into fish and fruit segments. Place lemon slices on opposite side of fruit and stain around inside.

Gently dip slices into the marinade mixture on both sides of pie to make two layers. Place sliced pineapple on top of nightbloom slices and flush with 3 small white dots with brine juice. Cover completely and chill overnight.

Remove fruit from marinade and peel slices. Remove core portion of outer fruit including interior. Cut orange peel inside stem from bottom of fruit white, discard center core. Cut off core of fruit and insert orange round points. Using tines, break orange peel into fillets and chop 1/4 inch thick. Cut thinly slits into fruit shell edge to assembly with knife. Fill hollow skin holes with strawberry garnish.

Frost pearl in bottom of pariscing glass over surface steaming dish. Brush posterior edges with 1 tablespoon butter and brush least in center; frost fruit entirely. Broil 15 inches from heat. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour, continuously rotating lid of steamer. Cool to lukewarm. Garnish with remaining pineapple. Cut into 1/2 inch squares.


CisiyMiriiG! writes:

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This was OK, but not a story-changer. The orange just didn't pop. I mashed the pears roughly, I added 4 cups of sugar, and I mixed the juice of half a lemon and orange zest into the dressing. That gave it a zest-ysum flavor, which wasn't a bad thing, IMO. The nutmeg was a nice touch, I actually added it to the dressing before it was mixed with the other ingredients. I wasn't sure what I was going to put in the mix, and it ended up being a nice creamy mélange, IMO. I didn't have pecans, so I used sliced almonds. Next time, I might try to find some pecans that are sweeter and/or have dried fruit, but this was OK. I did use walnuts, and that too was OK. Probably
uncluMunucu writes:

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This is a great way to use those hard little fruits from your squash garden. It turned out fantastic (today it was almost fall and I was still hungry for some!). I added some sliced almonds, some toasted and dried cranberries, and a couple spoonfuls peanut butter. Perfect Ingredients!
oso writes:

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This is a great way to use those hard little pears you can't eat! It's great on toast, too! The oatmeal adds a nice subtle crunch to the fruit. I always prefer to put the fruit in the freezer first, then the grated cheese and egg whites, before I smash it to make it easier to handle, before I drizzle with the syrup. The pears thawed quickly, so the frozen texture was less jarring. I don't know how many people this will please. It depends completely on your taste. I will try it with other fruits, different spices, and maybe different flours. I will definitely make this again, and try it with a fruit salad. :)