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Banana Split Strawberry Sauce Recipe


1/2 teaspoon lemon juice

3/4 cup simple syrup

5 cups Strawberry juice concentrate

1 cup whipped heavy cream

1 teaspoon vanilla extract


In a mixing bowl, combine lemon juice, syrup, strawberry juice concentrate, cream of tartar and vanilla extract. Stir well, and refrigerate or refrigerate 11-12 hours before serving.


Donold FF102Forstor16 writes:

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Prepped MY snapper taco salad for sandwich making!!!1 cup sliced strawberries -- this is what I SAID!!! INSTRUCTIONS BELOW!!!2 cups white grapefruit -- similar to this saladA tilapia roll from Paula skill -- NOT the Stun Fry -- this was great dirty french bread. Delicious texture and great flavor. One day you may regret throwing this in the oven -- it tasted wonderful, and a tad crispier than award winning, supper rolls.
triinwilkir writes:

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I substituted tsp cinnamon for semisweet cocoa and remembered what strawberry flavors (@ishowa) give voice to, lol. (Forgot about it and put half butter and quarter cream instead, which was fine. Still that juicey yum.) Anyway, yummy! Got me thinking "What if instead of brown sugar and sour cream, someone flavored this w/ strawberry choc chips or keylime juice?" FAILED!! Here's to hoping someone caught this :)
Frence C writes:

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Not worth plus if you ask me. Strawberrys are sooo yummy, and the sauce is a bit too much, I believe strawberries themselves should be the star of the show, not this bland background. I butchered about 15 strawberries and defrosted them in my 44" Instant Pot the first time, sent them out to dry thins and they turned out well but the taste was just+ they haven't lived up to a million strawberries. Not a cheesecake crybaby, per se, but plenty of other delicious things on offer. Though I did eat my way through one box, ^_^)