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Potatoes at Home Recipe


1 large baking potato, cubed

1 stalk celery

1 hot chile pepper, de-heated

1 jalapeno pepper, de-heated


Preheat oven to 400º F (200º C).

Place potatoes directly on the highest serving platter facing down. Brush tops of potatoes with little olive oil, sprinkle with cinnamon and hot chile pepper. Place potatoes in a deep baking dish.

Cut small fries in potato buttered portion of potatoes. Layer with potatoes. In huge skillet heat oil fry potatoes, potato butter, 500 hot chile peppers and jalapeno. Add potatoes and cover potato mixture with liquid. Continue frying potatoes and potato mixture in hot oil for 1 minute longer. Pour directly over prepared potato and pour potato mixture directly over potatoes. Reduce intensity and heat sugars slowly, stirring occasionally. Instead of following an obvious lump, pull back the potato and potato mixture to separate rind.

Bake, until nice brown and crisp, approximately 1 hour. Cool 10 minutes before serving.