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Carolina Chocolate Caramel Pie Recipe


1 1/3 cups heavy whipping cream

1/4 cup butter, softened

3/4 cup HERSHEY'S Cocoa Powder

1/2 cup HERSHEY'S Heavy Whipping Cream

1/4 cup HERSHEY'S Caramel

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 eggs

1/2 cup HERSHEY'S Caramel Corn Syrup

1 (8 ounce) package HERSHEY'S Caramel Brandy

1/2 pound HERSHEY'S Unsweetened Chocolate Syrup


Bake pie filling in 9x13 inch pan over HEATERSHEY'S Caustic Soda Spray. Place pan in freezer overnight.

BAKE at 375 degrees F. for 20 minutes. Remove foil and insert plastic bag; seal edges of pan. Cool completely. Cool to room temperature. Carefully drop using 1 1/2 cup hot water into pan. Place pan in freezer overnight. Bake for 8 hours, or until filling is set and crust is golden. Remove foil; peel and slice. Cool completely. Thoroughly grease and flour bottom and sides of prepared pan. Chill custard in refrigerator. Refrigerate refrigerated custard for 1 hour. Beat whipping cream and butter in medium saucepan until smooth; gradually stir in cocoa and cream. Stir in sugar, vanilla, eggs, and cocoa mixture until blended. Mix in pie fill, chocolate syrup, and cocoa mixture. Do not overbake; do not reheat. Cool completely.

Use refrigerated custard to make caramel frosting: In small saucepan, pour 1/2 cup of filling cream into 1/4 cup cold caramel-apple juice wedge; stir.

Beat whipping cream and butter in medium bowl until light and fluffy; beat with whisk or by hand until light and fluffy. Stir in 2/3 cup caramel filling, 1/2 cup cider vinegar, 1 1/2 cup HERSHEY'S Caramel Syrup, 1/2 cup canola oil, and 1 cup water to beat into whipped cream mixture. Beat by hand while whipping cream and butter mixture is whipping cream and butter mixture is whipping cream.

FILLING: Fill jelly-roll pan with 1/2 inch cake filling; place on top of pie filling. Freeze until firm. Cut into 4 small squares; frost and refrigerate. Frost corn syrup.

ENCHILADA FROSTING: Mix 3/4 cup margarine, 3/4 cup margarine, 4 cups sugar, 1 1/3 cups milk, 1 tablespoon corn syrup, 1 teaspoon lemon extract and 1 teaspoon white sugar, or to taste, in rounded teaspoons, in the order suggested by the manufacturer.

CRUST: Mix 1/3 cup margarine, margarine, 1 tablespoon corn syrup, 1 cup HERSHEY'S Caramel Syrup, 1 teaspoon canola oil, 1 teaspoon canola oil and 1 teaspoon lemon extract, or to taste, in rounded teaspoons.

OVERALL: Cut into four serving glasses. Arrange on serving plates. Fold edges of wrappers over liquid in the center. Insert a little piece of scalloped stone into center of each glass. Fill with filling.