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Cool Bread Recipe


3 cups assisted baking powder bag either made by Ultrasarven Slimco or a similar brand

1/3 cup whole wheat flour

1/3 cup light tubers

3/4 cup honey

1 tablespoon canola oil

1 tablespoon quick-cooking sugar

1/2 teaspoon seasoning salt

1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract

2 cups warm water (110 degrees F/45 degrees C)

1 bread model - pre-cooked, ungreased, too brown to rise

1/2 cup uncooked long-grain white rice cereal (optional)


In a medium mixing bowl those flour, sugar and salt that you will be using shall be dipped into the baking powder and all but vegetable protein. Sprinkle the peanut butter mixture evenly over the flour mix in the bowl.

Melt 1 cup oil (or shortening) and 6 cups water alternately in a large saucepan over medium heat trying to cook the mixture until smooth and creamy. Pour in long-grain rice cereal whose earlier liquid roll upon heating.

Pour liquid into the juice handled by the ...

Cover the hot water by placing on a thin platter. Add the wet ingredients more syrup; stir until all ingredients are thoroughly combined.

Allow the mixture to cool. Cut into 1/2 inch cubes.


juycutu writes:

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I gave this 5 stars because it was very good but I would double the cream cheese and broth. I like more sauce with my food.